Monday, Nov 27th

Science of the Sesh

Science on Tap invites you to knock back some pints while we dissect the science of the sesh! First up, Eric Downer will be on stage to present his popular talk, High Hopes for Cannabis, a riveting lecture wherein he outlines the research behind the use of cannabis in the treatment of MS. Afterwards, make sure to the choose a top-shelf whiskey for a nightcap as Christopher Goggins gives his poetically titled talk, ‘The Alchemy of Liquid Gold.’

Tickets are free but limited. Book yours here.

Tuesday, Nov 28th

Science of the Pint

True to Science on Tap’s name, the festivals second event in The Liquor Room will be all about the drink in your glass. Dive headfirst into it with physicist and foam expert Stephen Hutzler’s unique lecture on Science of the Pint – a rare experience that will have you pondering the inner workings of your beer before you order another round.

Again, tickets are free but limited. Book yours here.

Christopher Goggins – Craft Ambassador, Jameson Distillery Bow St I’ve been working with Jameson since 2006. After starting as a tour guide, I have since become one of the heads of staff training. I’ve worked on the redevelopment of the scripts and content for the newly re-opened Jameson Distillery Bow St. And now as a Craft Ambassador I am responsible for delivering our “Whiskey Makers” Experience – a 90-minute in-depth class that delves into the art and science of what goes into everything we produce at the Midleton Distillery. I completed my General Certificate in Distilling through the Institute of Brewers and Distillers in 2013, and am planning to pursue my diploma in the coming year. My passion lies in whiskey education – rather than simply telling people what they should taste, I much prefer to explain the craft and the origins of the flavours, and then let people judge for themselves. There’s a universe of flavour to explore, and with whiskey going through such an explosion right now, I strive to help people wrap their heads around the often misunderstood world of Uisce Beatha.